Welcoming Spaces

Find a Local Welcoming Space

There are lots of spaces across Doncaster that provide a safe, supportive, warm space to help you relieve the pressure to heat your home as well as providing access to information, advice and guidance.

To find your local Welcoming Space, or to let others know about a Welcoming Space you are running visit the Warm Welcome database.

What is a Welcoming Space?

There are lots of Welcoming community and Council spaces across Doncaster that are here to support people throughout the city.

With the weather getting colder, you may be finding it harder to heat your home with rising energy prices. Welcoming spaces provide a safe, warm, supportive space to help residents through the winter months, relieving some of that pressure to heat your home.

The spaces will also be equipped with knowledge, support and advice to help you throughout the winter months. This include, information on heating your home, managing money and food support. To find more Cost of Living support you can visit the Your Life Doncaster hub.

How do I access a Welcoming Space?

Anybody is able to access a Welcoming Space by simply walking in. Check through the Warm Welcome database to find opening times for your local Welcoming Space and check in with the space your attending to see if they have any groups or activities scheduled that you can be a part of whilst you are there.

Many Welcoming Spaces offer more than just a warm community spot, so be sure to talk to your local space about what support they may have available.

Community Conversation Points

Community Conversation Points are opportunities for people to meet with volunteers and Council staff to have conversations about what they want from life; their care & support, their housing, their environment and their community.

At Community Conversation Points, we will support you to make plans that promote your wellbeing and to help you remain independent for as long as possible.

Community Conversation Points, sometimes referred to as Community Led Support (CLS) Hubs, are based at convenient, community locations throughout Doncaster.

To find your nearest hub, visit Your Community Pages, where you can find your nearest Community Conversation Point alongside lots of other helpful contacts and support.

Community Directory

There are lots of activities and groups that you can be a part of in Doncaster. To find a full list of the community activities near you, you can visit our Community Directory.

Find more support and advice through the Your Life Doncaster Cost of Living Hub.