Doncaster Street Pastors

Street Pastors is a project of the London based Ascension Trust. Our volunteers go out on the streets of the town centre late on Saturday nights to offer assistance to people in need. This can range from helping someone to a taxi, offering first aid or waiting with a casualty for an ambulance, providing water for someone who is drunk and needs to sober up, offering flip-flops to girls who have sore feet or offering foil blankets or ponchos to those who are inappropriately dressed for the outside temperature.

The emphasis of what we do is practical action on the streets. In addition Street Pastors will enter into conversations, offer a listening ear to those who are burdened with troubles, direct people to appropriate agencies if required, or answer questions about faith.

We work in partnership with the police, the local authority, licensees and night time security staff, and other appropriate statutory bodies. As members of a national and international initiative, all Street Pastors wear a common distinctive uniform so they can be easily identified.

A comprehensive programme of ongoing training fully prepares our volunteers for work on the streets and ensures their safety at all times.

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