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Doncaster’s All Age Learning Disability and Autism Plan


Doncaster Council and Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group have written a draft All Age Learning Disability and Autism Plan.

This plan is for people of all ages and helps make sure local plans work together.

The aim of the plan is to make sure that we support people to have a good life and that support is built around the person, their family and their community. The Doncaster all age plan links to national plans and legislation about how people with a learning disability, autism or both should be supported.

Between September and December 2018 over 200 people from Doncaster told us what was working well, not working well and what needed to change in the future to make sure people with learning disabilities, autism or both have better support and better life opportunities in Doncaster.

We have listened to what people told us and we have used this to help write the draft plan and make recommendations about the areas we need to work on.

We have written a draft plan with 17 areas of work which will look at making sure people with a learning disability, autism or both living in Doncaster are supported to have a good life.

We would like to say a BIG thankyou to everyone who has helped us to write this plan but we are worried that we did not reach many people from BME communities, people with autism who don’t have a learning disability, and older people.

We would really like to hear more from these groups about the draft plan.

Next Steps

We are now asking as many people with learning disabilities, autism or both, their families, and a range of other stakeholders to tell us what they think of the draft plan. This is your chance to make a difference.

We would like you to tell us if the 17 areas of work are right and if there is anything missing.

You will have from Friday 24th May to Friday 14th June 2019 to tell us what you think.

If you would like to read the full draft plan and/or the full report of engagement outcomes these can be downloaded here: 

We would be extremely grateful if you could answer the questions which can be found using the link:

When will the final plan be available?

The final plan will be available to everyone in October. We will hold a launch event to tell people about the plan and make sure information about the plan is shared across Doncaster.

If you have any questions please contact: Jayne Gilmour or Gail Fletcher:  07810 443811

Please click on the links below to see an easy read summary of each of the priority areas.

  1. Diagnosis Information Sheet.pdf
  2. Complex needs sheet.pdf
  3. Transforming Care Information Sheet.pdf
  4. Short Breaks Information Sheet.pdf
  5. Health Inequalities Information Sheet.pdf
  6. Employment Information Sheet.pdf
  7. Education and Inclusion Information Sheet.pdf
  8. Early Help Information Sheet.pdf
  9. Data Information Sheet.pdf
  10. Autism Information Sheet.pdf
  11. Having the right workforce Information Sheet v2.pdf
  12. Housing and Support Information Sheet v2.pdf
  13. Family Carers Information Sheet v2.pdf
  14. Older People Information Sheet v2.pdf
  15. Good Day Information Sheet v2.pdf
  16. Transitions Information Sheet v2.pdf
  17. Friendships and Relationships Information Sheet v3.pdf