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Dying Well Matters


Healthwatch Doncaster have joined up with Voiceability Doncaster to start a series of conversations around the sensitive subject of death, and making sure loved ones are prepared.

After death wishes

It is important to talk to someone - a loved one, healthcare professional, a friend - and share your after-death wishes with them, e.g. where you want to die. By doing this, you are helping your family to give you everything that you wanted, without them having to second guess their decisions on whether or not they are doing the 'right' thing in your name.

Making a Will

Dying without a Will can cause significant additional stress for loved ones at an already difficult time. Members of your family could receive less than you or they expected, and you could leave them with an unnecessary financial mess. By making a will you are showing care and concern for your family as well as directing what happens to your property and possessions after your death. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Planning a funeral

Think about how you want to be remembered/ celebrated- what would you like people to know before you die? Tell your family about the kind of funeral you want, the songs you want to be played and who you want to attend. It is important to think about a funeral plan and the costs it could bring to your family.


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