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Living Well

We want to support residents of Doncaster to access the right information and services in their local area to make sure they are living their best possible life, no matter their age, location or barriers. This includes making the best of their strengths and wider network, and recognising problems with health and care early, to ensure their wellbeing and happiness.

Whether you are an adult with a learning disability looking for an activity or group in the local area, a carer seeking opportunities to meet with other carers, someone with a diagnosed condition or an issue looking for support from others just like them, or simply someone who is looking for a new hobby or a volunteering opportunity in their local community - there is support for everyone!

Local Groups and Services
Did you know there are over 1500 local groups in Doncaster? There are community groups, charities, local services and activities in every area in Doncaster, with something for everyone. You may be looking for an new art group, a local library, a support group for physical or mental health conditions, support to find local employment and volunteering opportunities, advice and guidance around accessing the right benefits and much more.

To make it easy for you to find the right group, we have a full directory of these local groups and services available HERE

Community Conversation Points - Face-to-Face Support

Sometimes we just need to have a chat with someone about our wellbeing for support and advice around what we can do to maintain our health and happiness and to make sure adults in Doncaster are able to live their best life in Doncaster, regardless of who they are.

Our local Community Conversation Points offer drop-in support with the council's local communities team who will talk to you about your concerns or issues, look at what you already have in your life and help you to put the right support in place to help you lead the best life possible. This might be looking at what care and support you have in place, whether you are receiving the correct benefits, accessing local support groups or opportunities for you in your local area

With community conversation points a a range a locations across Doncaster, including Thorne, Mexborough, Bentley, Cantley, Rossington, Wheatley and many more, find the FULL LIST of locations and times HERE


Last reviewed: 26/06/2018

Rosie's Story

 photo Capture0037 00000713_zpscmnzj80c.png

You might have spotted 'Rosie' in our advert. Rosie's dad, Phil, just wanted his 20-year-old daughter to be less reliant on him and have the same opportunities as other young people her age. Rosie is fiercely independent and doesn't let her learning disability hold her back. Having heard about local community conversation points, they called into a drop-in session and was put in touch with a local employment coach who supports young adults with additional needs to find supported volunteering and employment opportunities to enhance adults' lives by looking at their strengths and talents, rather than their barriers. This might mean that Rosie might not need dad's help so often any more and she can put that fierce independence to good use!

The local groups directory on this website also has a wealth community-based activities and opportunities, with an option to specifically find activities suited to adults with learning and socials disabilities, or even their carers!


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