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Help us to reduce loneliness this Christmas

Nobody deserves to be alone over the festive period 

It is everybody's responsibility to tackle social isolation and loneliness, and especially, to look out for our loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues or neighbour who may be vulnerable or a risk of social isolation. Christmas is a particularly hard time to find yourself alone, so here's just some of the good deeds you coud do over the festive period to help somebody who may be isolated over the festive period:

Good Deed 1: Help Them Be Winter Ready

If a loved one is lonely or vulnerable, they might find themselves at risk when Winter, especially bad weather hits.

You can support a lonely person by ensuring they have adequate medication and food, a plan for emergency transport should they need it, warm clothes and other provisions which they might otherwise struggle to sort without any other support.

There is a full guide available on the Doncaster website on how to be 'winter prepared' right HERE

Winter ready

Good Deed 2: Give the Gift of Christmas Lunch

Can you imagine having no-one to spend Christmas day with? This is the reality for so many Doncaster residents. 

If you have a spare seat or room for another person at your Christmas dinner table, why not consider this good deed and invite a lonely family member, friend or neighbour to join you over Christmas? Alternatively, there are a number of community-based Christmas lunches being offered across the borough which might not only offer them a community to enjoy this festive period, but might help to stat building longer lasting links with others.

Here's some of the community Christmas lunches taking place:

Good Deed 3: Give the Gift of Technology

Struggling for Christmas gift ideas this year? We hear the story of Doncaster resident, Sharon, who after being diagnosed with a visual impairment, talks about how  technology including voice assistants and mobile devices helps her to stay active and connected with her community, and carry out every day tasks that most people take for granted.

Your good deed this Christmas could be to consider these technologies as Christmas gifts, but most importantly, could you inspire a loved one or a friend like Sharon to use their existing technology differently to make their daily lives easier, and increase their independence?


Good Deed 4: Give the Gift of Independence

Often people with barriers such as disabilities, long-term injuries, mental and physical health conditions and others can find themselves socially isolated and stuck at home, and a simple piece of equipment or a service can support them to get back their independence and live more comfortably and happily in their own homes. If you're considering gifts for loved ones, why not consider some assistive equipment or technology? 

Our 'equipment house' can help you to find the right thing for your loved ones HERE. Alternatively, take some time to show them the equipment house and inspire them to make small changes that will help them live more comfortably.

Good Deed 5: Give the Gift of Company

If you're unable to commit to anything else this festive season, why not give the gift of company or consider it a New Year's Resolution to spend more time with our lonely family members, friends and neighbours, even if it's just popping in for a weekly cuppa and a catch up. If busy schedules won't allow, why not support your loved one by finding a new community group, hobby or local activity for them on our directory of over 1500 Doncaster community groups and services HERE be it a befriending service, a local arts and crafts session or a support group for a medical condition, there's something for everyone!


Top Tips to Helping Us Reduce Social Isolation

We can all contribute and help Keep People Safe by being the eyes and ears in our communities and watching out for each other. 

To report a safeguarding concern go to

To report a concern about someone’s wellbeing email or for advice 01302 735553

For more information on services to keep people well, safe and connected explore this website using the links below


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