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Your Guide to Finding a Personal Assistant

If you need some help or advice in recruiting a personal assistant, call 01302 737707 or e-mail the Direct Payments Support Team and one of our team will be happy to help. Skills for Care have provided some general guidance on employing a personal assistant which is available here.

1. Decide if a PA is Right For You 

Personal assistants (PAs) are employed to help people who need social care support, either because of their age or disability, to enable them to live as independently as possible in their home.

To find out more talk to a member of the Direct Payment Support Team

The Direct Payment Support Team can support you to set things up, such as working out a rate you would like to pay, Terms and Conditions and Job Descriptions . It's also a good idea to write a job description and if you feel comfortable a doing so a covering letter for the job that you're advertising. 

2. Advertise and Interview

Unless you already know who you want to employ, think about placing your advert in the local newspaper and on job recruitment sites.

Decide which applicants meet the requirements of your job - you can ring the Direct Payment Support Team if you are having difficulty with this.

Interview your chosen applicants: ask everyone the same questions and make notes. Don't forget to ask for proof of legal entitlement to work in the UK.

You can also give the successful candidate a call but you must also offer the job in writing. 

Carry out checks for the successful candidate, you should send for 2 references (one should always be from a previous job) and think about having a DBS (police) check done.

3. Employ Your Personal Assistant

You might have to think about training staff might need before they begin. The Direct Payment Support Team can give information about free training.

It's good practice to meet you PA before they start to show them the ropes and introduce them to other staff. Remember - employer's liability insurance must be taken out, by law, before your PA starts work. 

Set up your financial arrangements. Organisations that provide a payroll service can be found here

Don't forget to give your PA terms and conditions of employment and have regular meetings with your PA.

Remember, please take advice before dismissing staff to make sure you do it correctly.

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