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Direct Payments

What Are Direct Payments?

Direct payments are payments that Doncaster Council makes to you so that you are able to choose your own care and support services instead of having someone arrange them for you. You are able to choose the support that you want and you have the control of how your needs are met. You can also use the payments to be more independent which gives to the responsibility to look after your payments – if you are not confident in this field, you can get someone to help with this. You can search and purchase from our marketplace for a range of equipment, aids and adaptations that will be suitable for you. You will be a given a financial assessment first, then you may be asked to pay for some of the services.

You can only get direct payments if you are eligible and in need of help with everyday tasks that keep you safe and healthy.

Will I need to pay anything myself?

You will be a given a financial assessment first, Then you may be asked to pay for some of the services.

What can you use a Direct Payment for?

Examples of how Direct Payments have been used in Doncaster in the past are:-

  • - to employ a Personal Assistant (PA) with personal care 
    - For short breaks and respite 
    - To access social activities 
    - To accompany and support with shopping or domestic tasks 
    - Support to carry out parenting duties

Why choose Direct Payment?

- You can be more independent. 
- You have more control in your life. 
- You can make your own decisions. 
- You choose who helps you manage your money. 
- You decide who gives you the support you need.

How do I get a Direct Payment?

You can discuss this with your social care worker if you have one or 
You can get in touch with our Direct Payment Support Team

or call 01302 736000 - ask for Direct Payment Support Team

There will be someone who can tell you if you are eligible for the support and if you will benefit from a Direct Payment. The Direct Payment can be paid into an Instant Access Account. You will also be given a (pre-paid) card which is similar to a bank payment card and you can manage this money and use it to buy any support that you may need. The payments can be sent to your bank account if you wish but however, the card does not act as a credit card so you can go into debt.

What do Direct Payments Involve?

Most people can manage a direct payment with the right support and information.

Your money is to help make your life better and your social care worker will plan the support you need to make this happen.

You will need to keep records and receipts to show how you have spent your direct payments. 
You do not have to do this on your own.  You will get as much help and support as you need from: 
- A social care worker 
- Direct Payment Support Team 
- Family or friends 
- Paid organisations 

Last reviewed: 15/11/201


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