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Cancer is a disease which is caused by normal cells growing and reproducing in an uncontrolled way. This uncontrolled growth creates a lump called a tumour and if not treated it can spread to the surrounding normal cells, which can then spread to other parts of the body, including organs. For useful information about your diagnosis visit NHS Choices or for information about living independly in your own home visit this page.

Support in Doncaster

Within Doncaster, there are many charities and organisations that specialise in helping people with cancer and their families to live well and give support throughout all the stages.

If you would like to volunteer or support a person with cancer in Doncaster, or if you or somebody you know needs support, you can contact some of these organisations:

St John’s Living Well Centre: St John’s Living Well Centre offers support to anyone who wants to discuss how cancer is affecting their life, whether this is someone with cancer or somebody with a close relationship to someone with cancer. This can be done over the phone, at an appointment in the centre or through an arranged home visit. Information can be given in the style of leaflets and booklets (easy-read versions are also available), face-to-face or over the phone catering to a wide variety of different languages.

Aurora Wellbeing Centres: These centres support local people and their families living with cancer. They offer a free package of beauty treatments to both men and women to help boost self-esteem and confidence whilst undergoing and recovering from cancer treatments, all carried out by extensively trained and experienced professionals.

Macmillan: Macmillan is a charity that helps support people and their families who are affected by cancer by offering them support financially and emotionally. They hold many fundraising events, campaigning events and have plenty of opportunities for people to volunteer. 

For more services in Doncaster search the directory.

Last reviewed: 15/11/2016


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