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Thinking about how you get around outside

Finding the right equipment can make life easier for you. Select an option below.

Do you need help getting around the house?


Items of equipment that offer a person support when walking. These need to be measured up specifically for a person to use.

Wheelchair equipment

There are many considerations for a person before obtaining a wheelchair and advice should be obtained from a professional.

Gardening equipment

Gardening products

Furniture and products to help a person with gardening tasks.

Staying independent

Mobile phones

There are a range of simple mobile phones available to help a person raise an alarm or to let someone know where you are. Some include GPS location so that a person can be found if they run into difficulty.

GPS devices

GPS devices can help a person be found if they get lost, they can be used to send a persons location to a trusted friend or relative.

Mobile apps

There are loads of apps available which some people find really helpful for managing anxiety. Use the ORCHA website to see reviews and pick one that's right for you. Other apps may be available via your app store.

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