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Buyer's guide

This checklist is for you if you:

Have had an assessment of your care and support needs which the council will pay for.


You can buy your own care and support with your own money.

You can choose who will care for you and support you. Before you choose, you may want to think about these things:

Safety of the service

  • Do they employ staff that are DBS (formerly CRB) or Police checked?
  • Have they told me what a DBS check or Police check is?

Quality of the service

  • Do they have a way for people to make complaints?
  • Have they told me how to make a complaint?
  • Do I know if their care and support is good or not?
  • Have other people who get care and support from them said how good they are?

To find out more you can ring the Care Quality Commission on Tel: 03000 616161 or go to You might want to look at Care First and Trading Standards as well.

Getting your care and support and paying for it

Remember! You must spend your payments only on care and support that will meet your needs and help you to do the things you want.

  • Have they explained to me the money that I will pay if I decide to ask them for care and support?
  • Has a contract been made to make sure my needs will be met?
  • If I employ my own member of staff or a Personal Assistant, have I thought about what this might mean?
Last updated: 1/1/0001