Bulky waste collections 3-month pilot scheme

Edlington Town Council have allocated a small budget this year to support local residents in Edlington who are unable to dispose of bulky/mixed waste items by taking it to a Waste & Recycling facility themselves.

They will be piloting for the next 3 months a scheme to arrange to collect bulky waste one a day per month during June, July and August with a maximum capacity to collect two full loads as a whole in a transit van from locations across Edlington.

The first collection day will be Monday 27th June and anyone having bulky items for disposal should register their interest by contacting Jenny Moorhouse (Lass with a van) directly on 07801967841 to advise of the type and volume of bulky/mixed waste requiring collection, together with supporting photo's. Any requests received will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis and bookings can be taken in advance.

It must however be stressed, that the maximum capacity is to collect no more than two van loads on Monday 27th and if demand exceeds the available capacity, then the request will have to be rescheduled to the following months collection day, details for which will be communicated in due course. The scheme will be reviewed after 3 months by the Town Council to assess the level of demand and its success and depending on the assessment, may be extended further in subsequent months. There is a limited budget though and there is no capacity to cater should demand far exceed the available funding for the collection scheme.

Bulky items and mixed waste can be collected, but regrettably this does not include the ability to collect fridge/freezers.

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Locality: South

Town / Village: Edlington

Last updated: 24 June 2022 13:09:17