Big City Conversation – face-to-face workshops available

Doncaster residents and visitors are being asked to share their opinions and thoughts on the future of the city centre in a consultation called the ‘Big City Conversation’.

As part of the conversation, a series of face-to-face workshops are available for those who live or work in Doncaster to share their thoughts and opinions on the city centre.

If you are interested, below are the locations and dates for each available event which are free to attend:

 Doncaster East:

  • 6th June - D-day event, Thorne Market place - Silver St, Thorne, Doncaster DN8 5DW
  • 30th June- 12-4pm, Hatfield Woodhouse summer Gala - Hatfield Woodhouse village hall, Darking Ing Lane, Hatfield, Woodhouse, Doncaster DN7 6GB.
  • 3rd August - 10am onwards - Moorends Rec Gala Park Road, Moorends, Doncaster, DN8 4QR
  • 4th August- 11-5pm, Stainforth car show- Welfare Field: Stainforth Miners Welfare DN7 5ND

To read more on the consultation - Take part in Doncaster’s Big City Conversation - YourLifeDoncaster


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Last updated: 05 June 2024 12:25:28