New Dance On Pilot Group to Promote Strength and Balance for Older Adults

A new dance group for older adults is set to launch in Doncaster in the new year, with the aim of improving their strength, balance, and well-being.

The new group will focus more directly on strength and balance, with a view to supporting fall prevention, fall reduction, integration back into the community, combating deconditioning, building confidence, reduction of frailty and increasing social activity. The sessions will be led by qualified postural stability instructors, who will ensure they are as beneficial, inclusive and safe as possible. Participants can join in seated, standing with support or on their feet as much or as little as they feel.

The free 12 week pilot sessions will start on Monday 22 January 2024 10.30-11.30am and run weekly until 22 April (with a 2 week Easter break on 1 & 8 April as the space isn't available) as a drop in, no pre-booking required.

Each session will include a social time afterwards at 11.30am onwards in the Victorian Tea Rooms at St Catherine's House to foster friendships and to facilitate further activity / connections. 

Cost: Free

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