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Community Orchard only category is now OPEN for applications until 30th September 2024.

See guidance notes and application form below for more information

First come, first served - until funding runs out!

Environmental Pride was established at the beginning of 2022 to support community-led environmental improvement projects in Doncaster. The programme is led by St Leger Homes and City of Doncaster Council, with active participation from Get Doncaster Moving and other partners. To date, we have launched four rounds, awarding 55 projects funding and/or in kind support to deliver a range of projects, from communal food growing, community orchards to litter picking lunches. 

For this round, open from 31st May 2024 to 30th September 2024, we will be offering funding only for our Category 3 strand of Environmental Pride - Community Orchards. We aim to support community groups that can demonstrate how their projects will be community-led, respond to climate change by improving their local environment, and have a lasting impact. 

In light of the climate and biodiversity emergency, we want everyone to realise the importance of protecting, enhancing and celebrating our natural environment. It is our hope that this programme will encourage communities and organisations to collaborate in responding to this emergency and make a difference in Doncaster.


Circuit House - People stood behind planters   

What is Environmental Pride?

Environmental Pride provides varying levels of support to help communities deliver environmental improvement projects within their areas. Community groups can request a range of support, including but not limited to extra volunteer support, business advice or funding to get the project off the ground.

The programme is intended to help local residents make a difference to their community and will support projects that:

  • Are created and led by the local community for the local community
  • Improve or celebrate the local environment
  • Remain the responsibility of the community throughout the project
  • Support local people to become active in enhancing and celebrating their local areas
  • Encourage people to be physically active whilst improving their environment and/or as a result of activity/project
  • Bring people together and promote pride in the community and neighbourhood
  • Are sustainable in the long term without significant ongoing organisational support or funding
  • Are aimed at obtaining funding for a purpose that City of Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes (or its partners) would not normally contribute towards


Denaby Well Bean - plants and shed in background   

Environmental Pride Case Studies:

Here are some example projects from previous rounds:

Environmental Pride - Case Studies Download (8.9MB - PDF)

Adventuring Angels: HQ Project

Adventuring Angels are a community organisation based in Conisbrough who are currently developing a local Forest School area to become their HQ site. This project is being supported by Environmental Pride, who are facilitating volunteer support as well as grant funding. 

On site they are: planting new trees and hedgerows, a wild meadow, developing a pond, building compostable toileting facilities and, installing raised planter beds.

Exemplifying Adventuring Angels’ holistic working approach, the HQ site aims to deliver a number of benefits:

  • Increased biodiversity
  • Reduce the flow of rainwater that passes through the site.
  • Community engagement, developing people’s skills, aspirations and pride in the local environment.

Thornham Community Garden Project

This community garden in Armthorpe started out as school allotments that over time had become neglected and overgrown. Community volunteers wanted to revitalise the space and give back to the community. 

Environmental Pride coordinated an action support day, which involved volunteers from a local business, Efficiency North, helping to clear and ready planter beds, move five tonnes of loose planings, one tonne of manure, and repair and make fresh borders. Thornham Community Group received funding to cover the initial material costs, as well as investing in the supplies and tools they needed to maintain the site for the future.

Now led by volunteers, this community garden space is open to all who wish to volunteer, grow food and connect to nature with other like minded individuals. 

Cambeth Community Project: Litter Picking Lunches

The Cambeth Community Project operate out of the Copper Pipe Café in Barnby Dun, a provision for young people and adults with SEND. Historically the local area had a number of community and educational buildings, which enabled community spirit to shine, but overtime many of these spaces have been closed or demolished. Surrounded by housing, retail and industrial estates, the area is also prone to high amounts of litter.

CCP applied for Environmental Pride funding for a Litter Picking Lunches project, which aimed to:
  • Provide education about planet conservation, as well as improving the local environment
  • Encourage community cohesion and pride
  • Facilitate meaningful experiences to students with SEND

Overall, the project was a success and volunteers were able to learn about recycling and the problems in local areas whilst being outdoors in the fresh air which supported their mental health and wellbeing. Now, the group are looking to create a sensory light garden using recycled materials.

Whinfell Community Group: Seed to Feed

Seed to Feed is an Environmental Pride project organised by Whinfell Community Group in Adwick. The group aimed to improve physical and mental wellbeing, prevent social isolation and encourage environmental action in the community.

Whinfell Hall had existing planter beds on site, which provided produce for community lunch meals and excess produce was delivered to less mobile residents free of charge. However, the area was overgrown and difficult to manage. Also, the design of the planter beds were not accessible to all members of community.


Using grant funding from Environmental Pride, Whinfell community group were able to redesign the space, including changing the planter beds to be a height and length that was accessible to all.

Community member and keen gardener, Mr Richard Fardell, was delighted with the outcome stating: "This could really change the way we use the outdoor space for the centre’s users."

Project Map:

Check out all the Environmental Pride projects that have been supported so far. 

Environmental Pride Project Map (doncaster.gov.uk)

Who can apply?

 Applications are open to:

  • Formally constituted community groups (e.g. ‘Friends of’ groups, allotment associations)
  • Registered charities, including charitable incorporated organisations
  • Social and not-for-profit businesses, including community interest companies and social enterprises
  • Tenants’ and residents’ associations, and tenant management organisations
  • Parish and Town councils

Applications should be from a formally constituted organisation that has a group bank account (at least two unrelated signatories) and is able to enter into legal contracts.

How to apply: 

Before starting an application, please read our application guidance document carefully: 

Doncaster Environmental Pride Community Orchard Guidance Notes
Download (4.2MB - PDF)
Volunteer Risk Assessment Form
Download (116KB - DOC)

Please note, the application window is now live for Community Orchard projects only.

Future rounds for other nature based community projects are likely to open later this year.

Click HERE to apply for your community orchard project

What projects will be funded?

Environmental Pride supports projects across a range of categories:

  • Category 1 – Physical improvements to natural environment (£100 - £5,000 available*)
  • Category 2 – Activities/events within public open spaces (up to £1,000 available per event) - Sponsored by Get Doncaster Moving
  • Category 3 – Community Orchards (up £5,000 available)

This round (open early July 2024 - 30th September 2024) we will only be supporting applications for Category 3 - Community Orchards

When should my project take place?

Category 3 - Community Orchard projects can start from November 2024 and must be completed by February 2025.

What support is available?

St Leger Homes, City of Doncaster Council and partners are all actively involved in supporting the scheme. We can offer practical support to help residents develop their idea and bring it to fruition.

For example if your project needs five people for five days to get the project established, or it needs help over several months to plan the project, City of Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes will work with partners to identify appropriately skilled staff to offer the right support programme.

Contact details:

You can contact us on email or phone at any point in the application process.

Email: EnvironmentalPride@doncaster.gov.uk

Phone: 01302 736319/01302 736068

Address: Sustainability Unit, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU